Since our inception, Bohemian Alternative Energy Group has been focused on delivering renewable energy solutions that promote economic viability through green initiatives.  

Bohemian Alternative Energy Group envisions a world where ALL people have access to renewable
energy through green initiatives. Our goal is to protect natural resources for future generations
while building viable energy assets for economic growth.

This vision promotes a culture of environmental integrity that augments rural and
indigenous livelihood. Our green projects are based on alternative mechanisms for eco-
friendly energy consumption. They are designed to be replicable and scalable to meet the
environmental needs of native communities throughout the African continent and the world. 

Bohemian Alternative Energy Group's green innovation promotes social responsibility 
through community involvement and job creation. We believe that renewable
energy is an agent of change. Bohemian Energy represents that
change, and we are committed to its perpetuity.

Our core values define the expectations we have for working with our clients and each other:
  1. Act with integrity
  2. Care 
  3. Promote collaborative innovation
  4. Be transparent and open
  5. Be socially and environmentally responsible