Worldwide energy consumption continues to increase rapidly. At the same time, efforts to decarbonize our environment are growing and sustainability is now a priority for many corporations, government agencies and consumers around the globe.  Energy development on the African continent provides a unique opportunity for green initiatives.  We provide the roadmap and labor to make green energy a reality in Africa. 

Our Focus Areas:

  • Run-of-river hydropower

  • Grid-connected solar PV 

  • Off-grid solar PV

  • Biomass

  • Waste to energy

  • Wind

Proprietary Software

Our proprietary software solution leverages machine learning technology to improve the efficiency and accessibility of green energy.   

Our Process
  • Identify sites for green energy production

  • Mapping adjacent land use and grid connection

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with local stakeholders

  • Maintaining positive dialogue with local communities and authorities

  • Project planning with an emphasis on local employment opportunities

  • Robust environmental assessments (ecology, hydrology, geology, acoustic, and aviation

  • 360° Project Management (planning, consent, construction oversight)

  • Negotiation of electrical offtake, connection and transmission agreements

  • Asset Management or development of training plan for comprehensive asset management 

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